Our Story

Dr. Zach was fortunate enough to serve on a chiropractic mission trip to the Dominican Republic. This experience opened his eyes to the massive numbers of underprivileged people around the world. It quickly became his goal to not only provide chiropractic care, but to build a community of people with charitable hearts. He instantly connected with Hands for Life’s mission and sought to build a humanitarian community within the San Diego and Tijuana area, with the larger objective to travel back to the Dominican Republic and serve those in need. Although many see San Diego as being a wealthy population, there are thousands upon thousands of people who are in dire need of the power of chiropractic care without the ability to obtain it for various reasons. Hands for Life UTC (University Town Center) provides those in dire need access. “You never know how far reaching something you think, say or do today will affect the lives of millions tomorrow”. –B.J. Palmer

The Hands for Life UTC team was brought together with the core characteristic of charity. We provide healthcare to those with financial hardships and educate the disadvantaged about basic healthcare. Our communities both locally and globally are family driven. Our children are our world’s future, without health no one’s future is bright. We help all ages, but focus on educating the youth to breed a culture of healthy decision making for the future.

Every experience throughout life has directed us to where we are currently. Some kept us on the same path, some have altered it, some have been good, some bad, and some are nothing more than memories. Hands for Life UTC was created with one main objective in mind, to help others. A study was performed where millions of people around the world were asked, “why are we on this earth?”. The resounding answer was to help others. Hands for Life UTC was founded because Dr. Zach was given the marvelous opportunity to have traveled to the Dominican Republic on a mission trip where he was able to deliver chiropractic adjustments to those in need. This trip altered the path for all involved and caused him in particular to create a vision. From that moment on he has sought ways to develop his mission and begin connecting with others that have similar goals. The group of individuals below bring not only knowledge and the desire to help others, but unique skill sets that when combined allow us to serve at the highest level to those in need through chiropractic care, implementation of safe water supply, better schooling structures, and overall education.

Our Mission

To create a natural avenue for the underserved, financial hard-shipped population throughout the world to regain their health through:

  1. Chiropractic care creating an efficiently running nervous system,
  2. Accessible clean water and healthy food,
  3. The opportunity to have a superior education so that each person can reach their god given potential and create a healthier world tomorrow.

Our Purpose

Hands For Life is a non profit 501(c)3 that prides itself on looking for the “greater good” within each individual on God’s planet.  We understand there may be a divide that separates people based on culture, ethnicity, race, etc., and Hands For Life sees these difference’s as reasons to unite as one!  Just like a rainbow has different colors, those colors makes up its inherent beauty.  HFL sees the same inherent beauty within all people on our planet.   Our differences and individual  uniqueness’ make our world more exciting, more educational and more real.  Hands For Life is dedicated to creating a healthier world while honoring the differences amongst us.  We travel the globe to touch lives and educate  people about health.  Through chiropractic and a natural lifestyle, along with water, food and education, Hands For Life sees its role as a facilitator to unleash the God given potential residing within each person.  Sustainability, empowerment, better health and self sufficiency are what we leave behind after we touch so many.  Our goal is simple: to make sure every man, woman and child have a high functioning nerve system, enough food and water for great nutrition, and an education so they can read, write,  and have the basic skills so they can thrive and thus make a better contribution to the world.

Our Team

We’re a family of chiropractors serving to make the world a healthier, more connected place. Our team understands the disparity in healthcare across the globe. There are some communities with access to excellent chiropractic care. There are other groups of people who have no way of receiving the benefit of chiropractic care. Our team came together to try and shrink the gap between the “haves” and the “have not’s”.

Dr. Zach found his calling to help others at a young age, when he decided he wanted to become a chiropractor. He fell in love with the idea of being able to help others on a daily basis and the ability to see people walk out better than when they walked in. He has now founded Hands for Life UTC with the love of giving and helping at the forefront. He previously served the community of the Dominican Republic through a chiropractic mission trip and now seeks to expand that by adding better schooling structures, safe water supply, and more to the community of the DR that will forever hold a place in his heart. Dr. Zach Beatty, D.C

President/Board Member

Adrian grew up in San Diego and joined the United States Air Force when he graduated high school. During his time in the service, he realized that he had a passion for helping his fellow man. Upon completing his enlistment, he began to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and is currently a student at San Diego State University. While he is not in class, Adrian is a Pathmaker Intern at Palomar Hospital where he rotates through specialties and provides aid to patients and staff as needed. Adrian plans to use the passion he has for giving back to the world and enter the medical profession as a M.D. Through compassion and dedication he hopes to make a difference by providing relief to those who are in need. Adrians leadership skills allow him to excel as the VP of Hands for Life UTC. Adrian Ramirez

Vice President/Board Member

Andrea Solorzano, an artist whose has a life-long devotion to positive growth and development of adults and children. She currently attends San Diego State University and began her college career in Child and Family Development, but later decided to follow her true passion in the Professional Studies in Fine Arts and will graduate in the all of 2017 as a Painting and Printmaking major. Originally from Northern California, her purpose in life has been as follows, “Help others rise and you will raise along with them.” She wishes to expand her experience as an artist by being involved with this nonprofit program to document and translate her experience as a visual art form. Andrea Solorzano

Secretary/Board Member

Kristin is a Pennsylvania native, graduate of Pennsylvania State University and is currently pursuing her Master’s in Accounting. She has always had an interest in not-for-profit organizations and was drawn to Hands for Life UTC because she herself is a chiropractic patient. Kristin believes that all individuals should be educated on the benefits of natural health and have access to chiropractic care despite their income level. Kristin brings us an amazing skill set of accounting to our treasurer position as well as being a chiropractic patient in our board of directors. Kristin Smock

Treasurer/Board Member

Nicole Scarzella graduated from Rutgers University and shortly thereafter, headed west to San Diego. She currently works as a Sales Consultant for a human capital management company. On her spare time, Nicole enjoys giving back to the community and has a passion for helping others, so naturally she jumped at the opportunity to join Hands For Life UTC. Nicole has travelled to areas around the world and has seen what it’s like to have limited resources available to maintain a quality life. She continually strives to do her part to improve the lives of others whenever possible. Nicole brings crucial business savy to our Board of Directors as well as the core value of seeking to make the world a better place. Nicole Scarzella

Board Member