CDC Global Health in the Dominican Republic

The Center for Disease Control, as of June 30 2017, has put in place the 3 goals for the organization in the Dominican Republic. The big three goals are to prevent new cases of HIV, reduce prevalence of tuberculosis (TB), and reduce the impact of infectious disease outbreaks.
While we provide chiropractic care through Hands For Life UTC, we truly cannot stop the HIV issue or even the TB issue, well heck not even the infectious disease. So what are we good for?!
What we can do is reduce infectious disease being spread! How do you ask? Well we do more than just adjust the populace. We also go to help provide safer drinking water. Many of the infectious disease stem from water in some capacity. Whether it is cholera, typhoid, hepatitis A, or schistosomiasis. These may not seem to severe to some, but these can be deadly. Especially in an underserved areas where means to obtain medical help is slim to none.
If you want to help us change this major issue, please reach out to us at

Thank you,
Dr. Zach Beatty, DC
President- Hands For Life UTC

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