Wow, what a word that is, Chickengunya. Cmon now, who else is having fun saying that word? How many of us have ever heard of this word? I can imagine if we were in a classroom, not many of you would be raising your hands currently. Well you haven’t heard it for a couple of reasons, but the central reason is because it is extremely rare.
Let me start off by describing what it is, what the symtoms are, then we can dive into its rarity.
Chickengunya is a virus that is transmitted by mosquitoes. It creates a person to experience fever, joint pain, muscle pain, joint swelling, and even a rash can occur. This can persist for months. Imagine having your joints feel like the flu or even more severe pain non-stop for months. That is what so many people in parts of the Dominican Republic deal with daily, yearly. There is no known cure, vaccine to prevent, or anything for Chickengunya.
The rarity of this in the US based on CDC less than 1,000 cases per year. In the Dominican, they are not so lucky. While there in 2015 seeing underserved populations, I would say Chickengunya accounted for 25-50% of the people we saw in a weeks time. And we did not just see 5 people, we saw hundreds if not over a thousand people during that time. We were down by the river beds, an obvious feasting ground for mosquitoes, where the less fortunate live. They were coming in nonstop with complaints of joint pain, muscle aches, fevers, etc. Upon our chiropractic adjustments on them, many patients felt instant relief that they had not felt in so long.
Tears of joy streamed down some, others bigger smiles than a kid on Christmas morning. Gifts were brought in in subsequent hours or days.
Please help us give more hope, more smiles, and more tears of joy to all the people suffering in the Dominican from this awful disease.

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