Governmental Corruption

This is based solely on research from a website to help US companies with exportation. This is not intended to bash or even implicate that government is or is not corrupt. We are merely portraying the perception of the people for all to understand the living conditions and mindset of the populace.
In 2016 a study showed that 46% of the population felt the country’s government is progressively getting more corrupt, which is elevated higher than in 2014 and 2015. Again in 2016, a airplane manufacturer from Brazil paid the US a criminal penalty for bribing Dominican Republic officials among several other countries.
The thought of governmental corruption is a very public displeasure among Dominican people. Which le us be honest, it is one thing to have maybe the lacking trust of your people, while you hold power, but for a country to grow, especially in the Caribbean it requires efforts from other countries.
In 2016 Transparency International scored Dominican Republic 21, which ranked them 120 out of 176 countries in terms of corruption. Again in 2016 The World Economic Forum’s 2016 Global Competitiveness report stated that corruption is the biggest factor of people wanting to do business in the Dominican Republic, ultimately ranking DR 123 of 138 countries.
More concerning is that the country was in the bottom 20 of 138 countries for public trust in politicians, reliability of police services, ethical behavior of firms, and favoritism in decisions of government officials.
In short, the country has a lot of things going on and I have seen it first hand, that the power is shut down for an hour or two every single day, throughout the country. The people of the DR are beyond gracious for whatever you can provide them.

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