How Heavy is Too Heavy For My Kids Backpack?

How many times have you seen a child walking, leaning forward carrying their backpack that appears to weigh more than they do? This is such a common sight to see in today’s society. The weight of your child’s backpacks are beyond dangerous.
Studies have shown the maximum weight your child backpack should be ranges from 10-15% of their body-weight. For example your child weighs 80 pounds, their backpack should not weight more than 8-12 lbs. Lets be honest right now, If I gave out a dollar to every child who had their backpack within those ranges, I would have maybe bought a gallon of gas in San Diego – $3.50. More importantly what is this additional weight doing to your child?
The realization is the kids I see walking around San Diego are carrying upwards of 20-30% of their body weight which is between 16-24 lbs for an 80 lb child. That is double the weight that should be carried, at a maximum.
So what are the long term effects of this? Well when carrying heavier weight on our backs, we tend to lean forward creating a forward posture. This ultimately creates very poor posture leading them to long term posture issues, higher risk of degenerative changes at a younger age, and the potential of longer term spinal issues. As a San Diego Chiropractor, it is extremely important for us to make sure children are set up for the ultimate success from a health standpoint. We can help avoid back pain, neck pain, headaches, and much more by making sure the spine is in alignment and they are properly carrying their backpacks.
We are offering FREE backpack checks at our office all of August to ensure they are carrying the weight properly and also will weigh their bags to so they know what it should feel like weight-wise.


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