Unsafe Drinking Water

Here in the US, we are pretty darn lucky. We can lift the handle, push the button, and out comes pretty safe drinking water. Not every country, not even every part of this country is so lucky. In the Dominican Republic, this is truly a very big issue. Many water born disease, specifically cholera, which creates diarrhea can be deadly. For many of us the outburst of toxins flushes our systems, after drink a little of this. Imagine drinking that water for a week straight, a month, a year. What becomes more of an annoyance for us, is a fatal issue in the DR. Diarrhea accounts for half of all children deaths under one year of age.
Let us have that sink in. Over half of the deaths of all children under one year old is due to something, we as a whole in our country do not even think twice about….drinking water. A essential to our existence on this planet, a simple feat that is required by our bodies to survive, is a life threatening issue for so many around the world.
Dig deep, and find a way to help others.

-Dr Zach Beatty, DC

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